16 fevereiro 2010

yarn cube

Inspired by the one Julie send me I made this cube with some charm pack from Moda fabrics.

Pictures inside the house are not so great as in the sun. Just click on the picture and you can see it close.
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15 fevereiro 2010

fingerless gloves

they're finished. I loved making them. In my previous post I told you this is a free pattern from purl bee.
So take your needles and a yarn and make a pair, the winter is still here.

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12 fevereiro 2010

knitting cube

My dear friend and owner of 'My Sister Knits' in Fort Collins send me this knitting cube witch I simply love. Is so handy.

This is my after dinner project, you know when we relax and do some quiet knitting by the fire. It's a free pattern from purl bee.
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11 fevereiro 2010

Origami Bag

This little bag is called origami bag and the pattern is free.
Look my cat Sara, like a lisard in the sun warming her body in this february morning in Alentejo.

I made some inside pockets.
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journal cover

This journal covers fits a A5 like the others I've made. This two are made with diferent tecniques.

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08 fevereiro 2010

Place mate

I decided to make some place mates. I made two of each.
This pattern you remember it. I had some leftovers and that's what I came up.

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